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Moto Miwa

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Moto Miwa likely could’ve been the next Japanese noodle king of the United States, but his heart and passion was into cars and racing instead. In the early 90s, he built his first ae86 coupe with a supercharged 4agze and founded the now infamous website for all things toyota – Club4AG.com. Moto talks about co-founding Drift Association and hosting possibly the earliest legally sanctioned drift events on US soil, allowing early US drift competitions to exist such as Falken Drift Showoff, RS-R Drift Festival, Option Ikaten, and D1 Grand Prix. Don’t miss his story where details a late night favor for Keiichi Tsuchiya aka The Drift King, helping him escape Option Video staff in the middle of the night. More recently, he covertly aided in R&D for Toyota Motor Corporation as they were developing the Toyota 86. Thank you Falken Tires for sponsoring this episode. We are beyond blessed to be able to work with so many amazing like-minded brands every month for the podcast. Announcements for a giveaway will be made in a few days on our instagram

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