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Nick Fousekis

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Nick Fousekis wasn’t always the Director of Advertising and Promotions at Falken Tires. He was a street racer and import car enthusiast from San Diego who had a job opportunity and an idea.

After acquiring an entry level position at Falken Tires, he dreamed up the idea that Falken should make a name for themselves by being the first American tire company to support drifting.  He spearheaded the effort and soon, Falken became the title sponsor of Drift Association’s Drift Day grassroots events. In 2003, Falken was the title sponsor of Drift Showoff, bringing Yoshinori Koguchi and Seigo Yamamoto (and their cars) from Japan for the biggest drift event on US soil to-date.

Nick talks about working his way up from the bottom at Falken, his experiences with Koguchi, and how he’s partnered with Formula Drift for 17 years.Thank you to Lucky Labo for sponsoring this episode.  Please follow @sileightymania on Instagram for giveaway details!

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