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Benson Hsu: I Ran Against Koguchi and Won Falken Drift Showoff in 2003!

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Falken Drift Showoff Winner Benson Hsu

Listen to this drifting podcast interviewing Benson Hsu, winner of the 2003 Falken Drift Showoff event, where he drifted with legend Yoshinori Koguchi

Benson Hsu won 1st place at Falken Drift Showoff in Irwindale Speedway on March 02, 2003.  It was the first time we’d ever seen a pro drifter on US soil doing drifting demos.  Very famous and influential drivers from Japan were flown in with their cars for demos and judging – Yoshinori Koguchi, Seigo Yamamoto, Fumiaki Komatsu and Kazuya Bai.  It was a day that introduced so many to drifting and inspired a generation of future drifters.  

Listen in as our host Nadine Hsu interviews Benson about the day, asking questions he didn’t remember answers to (and some that he did.)  He talks about his first time seeing Rhys Millen drift, some drama he had with JIC, being in awe of Koguchi’s skill, and how it changed his life.  

For some behind the scenes content related to this event, please take a listen to the S1E3 interview featuring Nick Fousekis, the founder of Falken Tire’s drifting program and one of the masterminds behind Falken Drift Showoff.

Thank you Falken, Import Showoff, Drift Association and everybody who made this such an amazing event!

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