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Nadine Hsu: My First Children’s Book About Drifting!

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You might know a little about our beloved co-host Nadine Hsu already. You might know her as one of the first female drifters in the USA, or as one of the first women to compete in Formula Drift. Maybe you know her as the co-founder of Drifting Pretty, the first all female drifting program and eventually all female drifting team in the USA.

With this episode of Storytime, we’re proud to announce that people will now know her as a children’s book author! Her book Sachiko Goes Racing is inspired from her experience as a person learning to take a leap of faith to pursue her passion for drifting. Listen as she talks about what drove her to write a book, her many social causes she hopes to support through this book and how she plans on inspiring the youngest generation of future drifters.

To purchase the book or Sachiko Goes Racing merchandise, please go to https://www.sachikogoesracing.com

Follow her on IG: @sachikogoesracing A Sachiko Goes Racing giveaway will be announced on our IG

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