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Rob Riter: Midwest Drifting Pioneer and Miata Legend (S2E1)

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Rob Riter started drifting in the early 2000s and is a drifting pioneer in the Midwest, specifically the Chicago area. He started drifting in his NB Miata and became a hub for Mazda Miata drifting information and style through his website roadsterdrift.com. A founding member of ClubFR, they helped bring drifting off the streets and onto the track. He became one of the best drifters in the Midwest earning time in Formula D and Pro-Am. He later followed his dreams and moved to Japan, where he documented his experiences in his blog with photos while buying a Nissan S15 and an imported Nissan 240sx with SR20DET and drifting everyday at a local touge and at Japan’s infamous drift tracks.

Listen as he recalls memories of those events and talks about the full circle moment of where drifting started in Chicago and today where Chicago’s Final Bout has become a worldwide drifting movement.

This episode and all episodes of Season 2 are brought to you by Falken, a supporter of drifting since 2003 and a major reason drifting is where it is today. Check out their ultra-high-performance (UHP) Azenis RT660 and their UHP Azenis FK460 at https://www.falkentire.com.

Episode partners: ⁠Bardabe⁠ – Nissan GT-R and Z specialist in the central Texas area ⁠Lot-USA⁠ – Bride Japan Master Importer

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