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Chris Forsberg: East Coast Drifting Pioneer and Nissan Z Icon (S2E2)

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Chris Forsberg  @chrisforsbergracing  is a US drifting pioneer from Doylestown, PA. He has a 20 year long career as a professional driver in Formula D, and is well-known as a Nissan Z drifting icon.

His love for drifting started in the early 2000s with his Mazda FC RX-7 after meeting Tony Angelo. The two would eventually run DGTA, an organization hosting events that would provide a legal alternative to street drifting. Chris towed his car all the way to Los Angeles for the D1 Grand Prix driver search in 2003, and eventually made the decision to buy a brand new Nissan Z as his new drift car.

He built the right relationships in LA and worked for Signal Auto as a mechanic and became a sponsored driver, even driving the Signal Twins cars at local drift day events.

In this podcast episode, Chris recalls old stories, talks about his journey as a professional drifter, his love of building cars, reflecting on how much drifting has changed in the last 20 years, the lessons he’s learned as a 20 year old drifting veteran, and what he sees in his future.

This episode and all episodes of Season 2 are brought to you by Falken, a supporter of drifting since 2003 and a major reason drifting is where it is today. Check out their ultra-high-performance (UHP) Azenis RT660, Azenis RT615K+ and their UHP Azenis FK460 at https://www.falkentire.com.

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