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OG Drifters of Hawaii Pt 2 feat. Steve Oliberos, Stanford Lau, Michael Kitchens

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In Part 2 of our Hawaii series brought to you by In4mation, our old friend Jason Ryan from Grip Video tells us to hold on to our okoles as he tells us about the early days of Grip Video and his observations of early drifting in Oahu and the mainland.  

In this episode, 2 OG drifting pioneers in the USA and Hawaii graced our podcast with their stories and experiences in the early days of drifting on the track and on the street.  

Steve Oliberos AKA Steevo is well known for his charismatic personality and being an OG drifter in Hawaii as well as an early competitor in Formula Drift.  He recalls the early days of drifting in Hawaii (at the track and on the street), his experiences with Japanese drift heroes like Komatsu and Maeda Ken, and the sense of family and community with other drivers and aspiring drivers on the island.  

Stanford Lau AKA Stan the Man AKA Handsome Stan was known for his drifting skills behind his super clean silver AE86 coupe.  He talks about how he learned to drift in an old dirt lot before becoming one of the most dedicated Drift Session drivers.  In his quest to keep his passions for drifting alive after Hawaii Raceway Park (HRP) closed, Stan moved to Japan and lets us know what that has been like for him drifting away from his friends in Hawaii.  

Michael Kitchens began his involvement with Drift Session in 2004 contributing to the organization with the videos/photos that he took and edited for the Drift Session website.  You can tell how fond he was of those early years as he talks about the drivers that stood out to him and how much he admired the skills of the local drivers.  Mike has spent the past several years trying to get a track built on Oahu and provides some insight on those efforts.  

Thanks to In4mation for partnering with us on this episode.  They are our favorite fashion brand from Hawaii, now worldwide.

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