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Chris “Paz” Parry – UK AE86 Legend and Drifting Pioneer (S2E4)

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Chris Parry, aka Paz, is an AE86 and drifting legend in the drifting scene in the UK. When he bought his first AE86 and started drifting in the early 2000s, Japanese style ae86s and drifting didn’t exist in the UK. Over the next several years, Paz owned several different AE86s, and he spearheaded the drifting movement and was a shining light for aggressive driving in low horsepower drift cars in the UK. Paz was a huge fan of Japanese style AE86s, inspired by people like Kaicho Hiroshi Takahashi from Team Running Free, and introduced that style to the UK.

Chris talks about the first time Nomuken came to the UK for drifting, his experiences competing in D1 Grand Prix, EDC, and his journey and love for AE86s.

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