Drifting Interviews with OGs and Trailblazers
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Episode 8

Tommy Chen

Tommy Chen founded SpeedTrial USA, a group that hosted road racing events in the 90s. With his friends, he was able to get Option Video with Keiichi Tsuchiya, Nomuken, and Daijiro Inada to come host the very first drifting competition on US soil in...

Episode 6

Toshi Hayama

Most people today recognize Toshi Hayama for his heavy involvement with the Fast and the Furious franchise movies.  However, Toshi’s influence on US import culture goes all the way back to the mid 90s when he started Apex’I USA...

Episode 4

Moto Miwa

Moto Miwa likely could’ve been the next Japanese noodle king of the United States, but his heart and passion was into cars and racing instead. In the early 90s, he built his first ae86 coupe with a supercharged 4agze and founded the now...

Episode 3

Nick Fousekis

Nick Fousekis wasn’t always the Director of Advertising and Promotions at Falken Tires. He was a street racer and import car enthusiast from San Diego who had a job opportunity and an idea. After acquiring an entry level position at Falken...